What We Do

Our practice teams reflect the many years of experience and expertise of our lawyers. We have built these teams with the intent of serving the legal needs of a broad range of individuals and businesses.

We have four practice teams within the firm:

  • Dispute Resolution and Litigation
  • Corporate and Commercial
  • Wills and Estates
  • Real Estate, Finance and Conveyancing

We invite you to explore these teams and learn about the work that we do.  If you think that you have a legal matter that our office can help you with, we invite you to contact one of our team members, and we would be happy to speak with you.

A Team Approach

We serve our clients through our practice teams. Every member of our team is fully engaged in serving our clients within their area of capability and expertise.  Clients of Rackel Belzil LLP know that they can contact our team members for assistance at any time. Together, our lawyers, paralegals, and administrative staff strive to work in concert to provide both effective and prompt service.

The advantages of our team-based model are known to our clients.  Please take the time to explore these pages to see if we are right for you or your business.

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Our litigation team always helps and encourages our clients to avoid litigation. However, when disputes do arise, we also counsel our clients on how to prepare their cases and remain well-positioned in the matter. In instances where litigation cannot be avoided, we ensure that our clients have the highest level of representation. We know that our clients want thorough knowledge, preparation, experience, and resources at their disposal in litigation and alternative dispute processes.

Our team leader, Louis M.H. Belzil, Q.C. is a leading litigation practitioner who has spoken and written on numerous legal topics. For over twenty years, Louis has appeared in all levels of Alberta courts. During this time, he has argued a wide variety of cases, making him one of Edmonton’s most experienced civil litigators. Please browse his biography under the heading “Our People” for a list of some of those cases.

Matt A. Pruski has also appeared before all levels of court in Alberta and has a number of reported decisions to his name. Our other team members enhance our ability to provide excellent service to our clients. 

In the burgeoning era of electronic discovery and digital documents, our firm has committed fully to investing in the  infrastructure that is a critical component of modern litigation. We are particularly proud that our office was the first in Edmonton to conduct a civil “e-Trial”.  All of our cases are fully digitized and readily accessible by our lawyers in this format, ensuring that clients save money and time that would otherwise be wasted by organizing and handling paper-based files.

Our Litigation and Dispute Resolution team members are Louis M.H. Belzil, Q.C., Matt A. Pruski, Stephanie B.A. Bachelet, Raj S. Deol, Harjit Toor, Rachel Wills, and Chandeep Brar.

Corporate & Commercial

Rackel Belzil LLP has a long history of helping small business owners. Karen M. Rackel, Q.C’s. Bachelor of Commerce degree provides her with the fundamental basis required to assist in providing business advice. Philippe C. Lefebvre, for his part, has over 40 years of experience advising small and medium businesses.

The services we provide include: incorporating or forming companies, societies, unlimited liability corporations, and partnerships; the preparation of unanimous shareholders’ agreements; assistance in mergers and acquisitions; and legal advice regarding employees, licensing, and various aspects of running a small to medium business.

Our firm can work with business owners to start their business, to support their growth, and then to assist in their succession planning.

Our Corporate & Commercial team members are Karen M. Rackel, Q.C., Anna-May Choles, and Shayla Thomas.

Wills & Estates

An up-to-date estate plan is the best gift which an individual can give to his or her family. Rackel Belzil LLP, under the leadership of Karen M. Rackel, Q.C., has extensive experience in developing estate plans which include the preparations of Wills, Enduring Power of Attorneys, Personal Directives, Supported Decision-Making Forms and Inter Vivos Trust Agreements. Typically, the most significant decision that an individual has to make in developing an estate plan is choosing an Executor, an Attorney, and an Agent. When Rackel Belzil LLP discusses estate planning, we work collaboratively with the client’s other professional advisers to first determine the client’s goals, and then to decide the process by which these goals can be achieved, taking into consideration the costs of implementation, probate fees, tax matters, and complexity.

In addition to estate planning, Rackel Belzil LLP can provide assistance on estate administration. We can obtain grants of probate or administration in an efficient fashion and guide personal representatives through all stages of the estate administration.

Our Wills & Estates team members are Karen M. Rackel, Q.C., Anna-May Choles, Robbi Bitner, and Joanna Jackson.

Real Estate, Finance and Conveyancing

Buying or selling your home is one of the largest transactions that you will likely ever be involved in. At Rackel Belzil LLP we recognize the importance of your purchase and sale, and we strive to ensure that you have a full and clear understanding of your purchase or sale. Our lawyers bring a hands on, detail oriented approach to your transaction and seek to make the process of purchasing or selling your home as simple, quick and cost-effective as possible. 

Our services include assisting with sale transactions, purchase transactions, and assisting clients with all type of financing, including mortgages and chattel mortgages.

Our team is also highly experienced in all forms of commercial transactions, leasing and financing. We bring an efficient and solutions driven focus to all our clients' commercial transactions. 

Our Real Estate, Finance and Conveyancing team members are Karen M. Rackel, Q.C. Anna-May Choles, and Tammy Carter.