Heritage & Community

We are proud of our deep roots in our home community of Edmonton, Alberta, and believe that, as citizens, we should give back in every way that we can.  We encourage all of our team to become involved within their communities.

Karen M. Rackel, Q.C.  is a shining example of commitment and generosity to her professional and broader communities.  In her professional community, Karen has given countless hours to organizations including the Law Society of Alberta, the Society of Trust and Estates Practitioners, Collaborative Estate and Trust Lawyers,  the Legal Education Society of Alberta, and the Canadian Bar Association. She has been active in both legal instruction and reform.

We are particularly proud of Karen’s accomplishments in her wider community.  In 2011, Karen was inducted as the 108th President of the Royal Canadian Golf Association, serving as the first female president in that organization’s 116-year history.

Louis M.H. Belzil, Q.C has spoken frequently over the years at the Canadian Bar Association and the Canadian Condominium Institute.  He has published articles on legal, management, and condominium topics both locally and nationally.

In December 2010, Louis completed a 5-year volunteer commitment as chairman of the steering committee responsible for the relocation of Newman College and St Joseph’s Seminary.  This position involved overseeing all aspects of the relocation of these institutions, a project with a budget of $57 million. Under Louis’ leadership, the award-winning  project was completed on time and on budget, and extensively contributed to the rich architectural and cultural heritage of our city.

Louis is a proud alumnus of McGill University, and has served in the past as a local president of the institution’s Alumni Association. More recently, he has participated as a Leadership-level donor and fundraiser for McGill’s Alumni Campaign. Louis previously sat on the board of the Edmonton Rowing Club.